City2Snow has been working with BSO Collective since 2014! 

About BSO:

B.S.O. is a Collective of like-minded people, who are Cannabis Enthusiasts and enjoy the different aspects of the Colorado Culture. The BSO gear we sell is unique since you have a rolling tray built in on the inside of your shirt. So you can "roll up" at anytime and anywhere. 


BSO History:

To give some history, BSO was started in Colorado during 2010 as just a group of all different types of friends and individuals who all had the same interest in cannabis and wanted to surround themselves with people who shared the same interest. With laws and culture rapidly changing in America, BSO has now been able to reach a social platform where it can present itself in a larger scale and continue to grow. In simpler terms, BSO is a Cannaiseur Club, lifestyle, and brand that is for everyone who shares the same passion.