Clear Creek May Vibes

Clear Creek vibes today 😜 Just took this video earlier laying on a rock outside of Golden, Colorado. What a warm and sunny day to be posted up outside. 

Hope everybody is having a dope weekend!

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City2Snow Denver ALLDAY - Matt Chiesa

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Watch: Big Sur Mud Slide

There was a crazy mudslide on 5/21 in the Big Sur that has shut down part of the Pacific Coast Highway in California. 

It was a huge winter in Cali and it makes sense the land slid this year.

We love the Big Sur area glad everybody was safe.

To show the magnitude of this slide see they reported this was the largest mudslide in California history.

Check this video from a helicopter of the destruction wow. We read the road could be closed for around a year. 

Video by: Brian Mack

Watch: Rare Wild Sheep Run Up Mountainside

We saw this video of rare wild sheep running up a steep mountainside like its no big deal ha. 

Here is more information about the video from the National Geographic site. 

"May 17, 2017 - A rare sighting of a herd of argali was captured in Alxa Right Banner in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Argali are wild mountain sheep and their population has dwindled due to past droughts in the region. They are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List.

Argali can inhabit high-altitude regions like rolling hills, mountains, and canyons and can roam rocky terrain with ease. A vigilant argali will immediately sprint if threatened. They will also take high ground for observation and signal their herd."






City2Snow Denver ALLDAY - Matt Chiesa

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Arapahoe Basin Snow Report 5-18

We were on the snow at Arapahoe Basin Ski & Snowboard area earlier today MAY CHOWDER! They called 9" fresh as of 5am but it kept snowing during the day.

Over a foot + of pow is out there and it was about boot deep on the mountain. 

This first video below of the POW is courtesy of Arapahoe Basin below HERE

Then we took this quick vid of the snow falling below too good times 




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City2Snow Denver ALLDAY - Matt Chiesa

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Denver May Hail Storm

We just had some wild weather roll though Denver yesterday Monday May 8th. There were lots of broken windows, damaged cars, and flooding around the metro area. We saw this video from NowThis below saying the damage from the storm could have cost upwards of 1 BILLION DOLLARS crazzzzzzy. The hail was huge from the storm check this video below!



We took this quick video below too of the severe storm rolling through our Capitol Hill neighborhood, it looked like it snowed ha.

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City2Snow Denver - Matt Chiesa

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Breck Sunset and Keystone Night Skiing 3-5

We were up in Breckenridge and caught a great Summit County sunset right outside town. 

Then drove over to Keystone Resort and took some late laps on the 52" base. We got there around 7pm to night ski, it was clear out but very windy on top of the mountain. They had the gondola running on a slower speed. 

See how much snow we get from this next storm rolling in tonight! Took these photos of the sunset vibes below. The snow was sliding nice at Keystone, should be good tomm out there. 




City2Snow Breckenridge - Matt Chiesa