What We Do


Brand Representation:

We provide support by conducting local promotions and managing wholesale accounts. 

Current C2S assists 3 companies with local Brand Representation services: C4 Belts, Fresh Air Clothing, and BSO Collective. 

Media Coverage:

Streamline your next event with a videographer or photographer, our team can be on location shooting your content needs. 

Complete your PR needs with a creative writing piece from one of our experienced writers. 


We are always looking for additional innovative products to add to our C2S Store.  


We conduct fully customizable 3 phase promotional campaigns for artists, businesses, and events. 

We have promoted over 150+ local and national events. 

Street Team:

C2S operates an online and physical street team in the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins regions. 

We distribute material (Flyers / Posters) and post Social Media updates via our Street Team.


- Advertising on C2S 

- Features on C2S

- Product Testing

- Event Cross Promotion



For more information please reach out! 

Call: 801.560.1652

Email: Matt@City2Snow.com