Lifeguard Stand

Chiesa 8.875x11.5 OS-d LifeguardStand sm.jpg
Chiesa 8.875x11.5 OS-d LifeguardStand sm.jpg

Lifeguard Stand

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Classic watercolor by Nancy Chiesa titled "Lifeguard Stand" Beach Haven, New Jersey

Available Print Sizes:

3" 1/2 x 5" Mini - $6

5"  x 6" 1/2 - $12

10" x 14" - $25


Original Watercolor Size: (Unframed)

8" 1/2 x 11" - $40


Watercolor painting is shipped flat in a form core to ensure safe delivery. 

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About Nancy Chiesa's Art:

Catching the last rays of light glisten across the water or shredding across a fresh layer of powder. These are the moment's outdoor enthusiasts crave and the memories Nancy Chiesa captures in her realistic watercolor paintings.

An artist known for her depictions of Long Beach Island, New Jersey and features in exhibits across the New York Metropolitan area. Nancy now resides in Holladay, Utah where she expresses her creative and entrepreneurial ambitions through a stationary art company. She draws inspiration from the landscapes around her to spark cherished memories in others. 

Nancy owned an art store on Long Beach Island called the "A Summer Place" for 13 years. Many of the photos here on our site were first painted during this time in the 1980's. Also featured at the store were T-Shirts designed by Nancy, we sell these "A Summer Place" retro T-Shirts on City2Snow CLICK HERE

For more information on Nancy Chiesa's art and the full history of the A Summer Place store CLICK HERE