Euphoria Music Festival Update

The Euphoria Music and Camping Festival is coming up on April 6th-9th at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas! The countdown is on to the event :) 

We saw that Euphoria made some improvements to the camping experience from last year that we wanted to share. Way to go Euphoria looking out for the customer and improving the set up!!

For the full list of camping improvements CLICK HERE

Check our full City2Snow Euphoria Preview CLICK HERE


Here are some of the highlights of the improvements off the Euphoria site below:


"We have increased the size of each campsite to 15’x10’ for more gear and leisure space."



"The new campgrounds are also located closer to the stages — eliminating long, uphill hauls to and from your basecamp! In addition to closer campgrounds, we are also excited to introduce a shuttle system for even more efficient mobilization!"



"Additionally, we will be opening the campgrounds on Wednesday for those who purchase Early Entry passes.  

"For an even more unique and luxurious camping experience, check out our ‘Next Level’ camping by Tentsile and literally “hang out” in the trees!"



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City2Snow Denver - Matt Chiesa