MartyParty Interview

We had the privilege of sending in questions to Martin Folb better known as, MartyParty! He is a music producer and performer originally from South Africa but now resides in Miami. Martin also makes up half of the very popular duo, PANTyRAID

It was fun getting more information on what is new with MartyParty and seeing what he has in store for his set at the upcoming Snowboard on the Block event in Denver. C2S will be at the Block event dropping media coverage from downtown Denver on October 14th and 15th. Read our 2016 Snowboard on the Block preview CLICK HERE and make sure to BUY TICKETS

We have been following MartyParty's career for years now and saw him first in San Francisco on Halloween in 2011. This lineup looking back on it was crazy with Paper Diamond and Gladkill also playing that night, ah such good times. We are stoked to see MartyParty at Snowboard on the Block. Also don't miss his PANTyRAID set at Beta on October 21st BUY TICKETS. Thanks again to MartyParty and his team for dropping this interview with C2S!!

C2S: You've had a busy summer touring, what were some highlights from being on the road? 

MP: Yes - been touring with Ooah as PANTyRAID since May its been fun. We did some huge festivals with Insomniac which were fun to hear your own music on giant production and see your own visual creations on giant LEDs. We asked our agents to book the best clubs in each city so the shows were all in amazing clubs night after night, which is always my fave when people are up close to me and can see my passion and dance moves :)

C2S: Our business City2Snow is based in Denver, we will be at the upcoming 2016 Snowboard on the Block Festival on October 14th and 15th. With your set being the second day of the event, how would you say your sound resonates with snowboarders and the larger mountain community?

MP: I've always had a large fanbase in extreme sports, snowboarding being one of them yes. I think the design of the music being a progression of intensity lends well to the nature of snowboarding with its peaks and troughs, highs and lows. Always love the snowboarding community.

C2S: Do you have a favorite area that you like to ride, if so, how long have you been snowboarding? 

MP: I became pretty familiar with Lake Tahoe and its community and mountains. I've been snowboarding since 2000.

Photo Courtesy: aLIVE Coverage / Insomniac Events

C2S: Last time we saw a MartyParty set was at the Barkley Ballroom up in the Colorado mountains earlier this year. Do you enjoy playing more intimate shows in ski and snowboard towns?  

MP: Yes - I'm a big fan of the small shows full of knowledgeable fans of bass music. Colorado has always been on top of the music game, so the small town board pubs and clubs are always rowdy, intense and full of love and spirit.

C2S: How long have you been with the Madison House Agency and how has this partnership impacted your career so far? 

MP: I switched to Madison in 2015 right before the PANTyRAID tour started and immediately felt that they were more focussed on the musicians and less on the hype. After all, we are musicians that produce and play our own music just like a band and should be considered as such. I feel very at home with Madison. Onward.

C2S: All of us have been jamming your 6th studio album "RAW" which came out in June. Can you describe some of the inspirations behind the sound you were able to create? 

MP: RAW came about from the music I wrote during tour in 2014. All those sketches from the laptop came together in a studio session in early 2015, and the whole album is very reflective of that time in my life. A RAW time. Some huge hits on that album once again way before their time.

C2S: How has your live performance changed since releasing the album and can your fans expect anything new when they hit your set at Snowboard on the Block?  

MP: As always I play my latest music which has come a long way since 2015. In 2016 I've been writing a lot of different styles and tempos, and that is the flavor of my current set. As always MartyParty is fresh and experimental. You will love it.


City2Snow Denver - Matt Chiesa :) 


Photo Here Courtesy: Snowboard on the Block 

Photo in Post Courtesy: aLIVE Coverage / Insomniac Events